Increase VMWare (Guest OS ) Disk Size

How to increase Harddisk space for guest OS in VMWare

If you’re using Linux as host operating systems and Windows family of operating systems’ ( say Windows XP Prof) as guest operating system, follow the steps to change the harddisk space.


  1. Make sure that your guest OS is shutdown.

  2. Identify the harddisk file ( for Windows XP Prof, the file will be Windows XP Professional.vmdk) This is the file which stores the hardisk space information.

  3. Make sure that the Linux filesystem where you have kept the VMWare Guest OS files’ is not formatted with vfat. Then you will get filesystem error while extending the disk space. To overcome from this problem, have a filesystem of ext3 filesystem type.

    If you have the condition as like above, just create a copy of VMWare guest OS files to ext3 filesystem type formatted filesystem. And there increase the size of disk and move it back to the vfat formatted filesystem, it works fine.

  4. Identify present disk space ( say in my example it is 10GB) and to what size you would like to increase (say to 30GB)

  5. For an precaution, have a copy of all the files before doing any experiments, so that you can have the backup in case of any damages for files.


  1. Identify where ‘vmware-vdiskmanager‘, usually that will be available in /usr/bin/

  2. Change to a directory where you have kept your VMWare’s guest OS files.

  3. Type

    # /usr/bin/vmware-vdiskmanager -x 30GB “Windows XP Professional.vmdk”

  4. After this, the extension of file takespace

  5. Make sure the files of VMWare guest OS that you had kept in a filesystem, should have the size of 30GB of space, which you would like to increase

  6. After completion of extension, you can start the VMWare guest OS.

  7. If you had moved harddisk files to an ext3 filesystem; In this case, copy back the VMWare OS file into vfat filesystem, just move the extended file to the original path.

  8. Start the Guest OS and observe the change in Harddisk space size.


  1. After starting Windows, open Disk Manager, the extended size will be recognized as unallocated space. If you want it to use, format and start using the drives.

  2. If the virtual disk is partitioned, you must use a third-party utility in the virtual machine to expand the size of the partitions.


Following these methods you can increase or decrease the harddisk file size for VMWare guest OS, which can help to increase the storage space in VMWare guest OS.

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